• Wines

    Wine is our speciality, click below to visit our dedicated wine page or call us on 0207 372 6664 to make a telephone/delivery order.
  • Fine and Rare Wines

    Above and beyond the average - we stock some of the most exceptional wine available in the UK. Bought by us in low volumes for the local community.
  • Beers and Ales

    Our beer fridge is growing! More Ales then you can throw and stick at and an endless new supply of interesting British beers.
  • Whiskies and Spirits

    Many a bottle here perfect as a gift or just a bit of fireside company. Our range of fine spirits and whiskies will wet the whistle of even the most discerning drinker...
  • Cheeses

    We stock cheese from Neals Yard dairy and are constantly buying new varieties. Ask in store to find out more about what we have available 0207 372 6664
  • Charcuterie & Antipasti

    From foie gras, to truffle oil; duck liver to parma ham. Our Charcuterie and Anitpasti section is evolving all the time...

Welcome to the Salusbury Winestore Website

We are known for our tireless efforts to bring the best selection of wines, spirits, beers and delicatessan products to the local community. Our store in Queens Park, London, caters to a discerning community who expect high quality and real value, which is a sentiment clearly reflected in our selections and prices.

We are not a chain or franchise; we are an independent wine merchant and deli. Suppliers and products are carefully chosen to reflect our customers needs and we have the flexibility to act upon all the feedback that we receive. The owner has over a decade in catering to this community in food and beverage, through their sister Salusbury Food Store, and brother pubs The Salusbury and The Chamberlayne. Our wine store staff are passionate and knowledgeable about their products. This combination results in a store with character and strength of vision - to bring the best product we possibly can to Queens Park.

Please join our mailing list for news and invitations to events, or get in contact to ask about our produce. We look forward to welcoming you when you have a chance to visit and purchase one of our careful selections.