Cheeses - if you love our wine...

Just as we do with everything else in store, we choose the best cheeses available and are supplied by the most prestigious cheeseries in the UK such as Neal's Yard Dairy

Some suggestions, and what's in stock:

Comte - Nutty and smooth, a French classic.

Brie de Meaux - Ripe style of Brie, slightly pungeunt but great texture and flavour!

Cornish Yarg - Delicate frangrant aromas, this is a hard cheese, but only just. Crumbly texture and comes wrapped in nettles.

Colsten Basset Stilton - The classis Stilton! Smooth, creamy but strong and intense. Pairs well with Port or aged Gewurztraminer

Mozzarella - 250 grammes of the finest Bufala Mozarella. Has a lovely creaminess at the centre, and a delicate harder coating - £5.50



We slice our own cheese in store!

We have a large selection of cheese available, and an even greater passion. We have a very strong relationship our prestigious cheese suppliers, and have access to the very best cheeses available on our shores.

Different cheeses can go incredibly well with a variety of wines, we can point you in the right direction. No need to stick to the traditional pairings, make up your own rules!