Beers - every good fridge has a few

Alongside our extensive wine selection, is our unusual and rare selection of beers from around the world. Available by the bottle or by the case...



As far as the staff are concerned, we are as interested in the intricacies of beer as we are with wine. Our selection is based on much research, the development of brewery relationships and the endless search for 'something different' when visiting various watering holes throughout London and beyond. There are so many interesting and delicious beers and ales available, why stick to the usual? You'll find a selection ranging from California India Pale Ales, malty beers from the Scottish isles and the best that London has to offer. If you have any recommendations from your own travels, please let us know.

What's in stock:

Here are a few suggestions for you...

Kernel Pale Ale and Porter from London Bridge:
Small batch brewing, very unusual and intense styles - £3.29

Oakham Ales Citra:
This brewery specialises in beers made from the Citra hop, hence the name of this beer. An aromatic and light beer, it resembles a Pale Ale, but without the bitterness - £2.69

Brewars & Union Unfiltered Lager.
Strange one this. Made in Bavaria for the South African market, this has now reached UK shores. A full bodied lager with a real crispness - £2.29